• Full fledged unit with all modern facilities.
  • Removable and fixed orthodontic therapy for correction of maligned teeth.
  • Early detection diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosal lesions.
  • Root canal treatment and restoration of erosion teeth using silver and composite (tooth-coloured) restorations.
  • Replacement of mission teeth by removable and fixed partial dentures.
  • Extraction of hopeless teeth.
  • Complete oral prophylaxis.
  • Impacted Tooth Removal.
  • Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment.
  • Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • Ultrasonic Scaling.
  • Paediatric Dental Treatment.
  • Flap Surgery.
  • Crown, Bridge and Implants.
  • Dental X- ray (IOPA, Bitewing)
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