Hospitals Overview

The Muthoot Hospitals have a large capacity of 500 beds at Kozhencherry, and 150 beds at Pathanamthitta to accommodate hundreds of patients seeking treatments and specialized care. We also have more than 600 medical and paramedical staff to attend to the patients and provide them with specialised medical care. Our well-equipped hospitals are providing excelling medical facilities to all patients and helping them recuperate in the calm and peaceful ambience of our medical centres. Spacious, well-ventilated rooms and large beds are all increasing the comforts of the patients as they convalesce in the tranquil environs of our hospitals cherishing their recovery and freedom from diseases.


Our laboratories are continually conducting important pathological tests and diagnosing multiples of diseases. We are conducting several important tests to diagnose and test the body fluids for tracing the onset of chronic diseases. Our clinical tests are confirming the health status of patients and helping doctors and specialists to administer treatments based on the laboratory tests from our fully equipped labs. Our advanced labs have facilities such as fully automatic Hematology Analyzer, fully automated hormone Analyser and the fully automated biochemistry analyzer to conduct multiple crucial tests.


Our libraries are well-stocked with ample collection of medical reference books, medical dictionaries, and other study materials necessary for the staff and students. Our medical students can peruse our large collection of books and enrich their knowledge. We are constantly updating our libraries with the latest collection of books and improving our stock. We are striving to provide our staff and students with the best reach to an endless spectrum of knowledge through our library.

Blood bank

Muthoot hospital has a full-fledged blood bank (whole blood and blood components) working round the clock to serve you. We welcome blood donations by your family and friends. With your doctor’s approval, their compatible blood will be reserved for you in case you need it. You may even be able to donate your own blood before elective surgery. 

Cafeteria & Snack Bar

There are delicious and healthy food options available at our coffee shop located on the ground floor of the hospital.

Transportation by ambulance

Muthoot Healthcare critical care ambulances provide timely and quality pre-hospital emergency care/interhospital transfer for serious and injured patients.

Palliative/ Supportive care

The Counseling Team is available to patients and their families when the patient has a life - threatening or life - altering illness or injury. This special care is designed to alleviate symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, nausea and fatigue as well as to relieve suffering. Patients and their families’ may receive counselling to help them adjust to a chronic condition. Patients receiving palliative care, work with a multi-disciplinary team to make decisions about the best way to cope with their illness.