Core Values

“Muthoot Healthcare was founded envisaging the healthcare requirements of the common man deprived from essential, quality treatments due to financial constraints. Now they can seek top treatment facilities in their home country, Kerala and recuperate from all health conditions affecting them at the Muthoot Healthcare ”

M. George Muthoot


Core Values


Muthoot Healthcare carries forward 30+ years of legacy in providing advanced care and treatments. We focus on efficiency, commitment and expertise in the healthcare division.


We treat people with dignity, help them imbibe the values of humanity and integrity pronounced in our healthcare mission. We function with teamwork and our committed efforts determine our success.

Quality & Clinical excellence

We are able to provide the top treatments using the advanced and latest equipment. Our trained staffs use the top medical care facilities to improve the health of the patients and provide consistent and personalised care till they recover completely.


We are able to maintain integrity while imbibing the best values, virtues and reflecting it through our expert medical services.


Patient Safety is our priority and we work towards ensuring the well-being of our community through timely treatment and spearheading preventative community & individual based healthcare programmes.


Quality policy

Muthoot Healthcare was founded by envisaging quality treatments for the common man. Our quality maxim is to deliver the best healthcare services to the common man struggling with financial constraints. With the trained staff and our well-equipped hospitals we are now among the leading healthcare centres in Kerala and also India.


Muthoot healthcare is a centre of excellence striving to provide the best healthcare facilities in India. It was founded to function as a new entity targeting to improve health standards and provide it to the common man deprived of better healthcare facilities owing to financial constraints. Our focus is on providing the best but affordable treatments to the common man and introducing them to all the advanced medical facilities. We are committed to serving the community with a spirit of equality while providing treatments seamlessly to all without discrimination. We are striving to encompass high medical standards, incorporate advanced healthcare facilities. We are the torch-bearers of care, safety and integrity.

Mission And Vission



  • Achieving excellence in healthcare services
  • Plan better healthcare services to the entire community
  • Maintain high healthcare standards
  • To be the top choice of hospitals in India for patients, physicians and staffs


Mission And Vission



  • To be a centre of excellence and a prominent community member known for meeting the healthcare needs of the entire community
  • To be one of the best healthcare facilities in India
  • To be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees
  • Accessible to our patients
  • Maintain the high standard


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