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Young people and Mental Health in a changing World

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This year’s theme focuses on a crucial age group – young people. When we say young we refer to teenagers or adolescents, youngsters or young adults in their early 20s. This age is a crucial age because they are going through a transformation – changes in their education, shelter or as a person.

As mental health awareness has campaigned well, more people are availing mental health services in recent years. The most common problem among young people is the changes - physical, psychological, educational – and the pressure they face. Some take it well, some go along the flow and some others just give up. We (mental health professionals) focus on those who are on the verge of a breakdown and who seek mental health services.

On a clinical perspective, the focus goes to the mental status and their personality. As I mentioned, this is a crucial age because the onset of mental illness often starts as very young as 14 years. The phrase “catch them young” is so apt in mental health because if the treatment and supportive therapy are started at the earliest, the better.

Building mental resilience among youth is an inevitable thing which should be done by educating them and their family. To achieve mental resilience among young people do the following:

*  Slow down and stay away from the dangers of social media. Virtual world connectivity is undoubtedly beneficial but at the same time, young people are lacking the emotional quality and creativity. Take some time off from social media.

*  Communication to the real world has to be increased – family, friends etc. Emotional health is developed right from the family, society etc where young people get attached to other members. Thereby they understand the need for emotional quotient.

*  Find ways on how to reduce your stress, pressure  – like taking time for yourself, talking to someone you can trust, reading a book, going out etc

* Professional mental health services are at your reach – seek help if nothing helps out.

The better future is on the foundation laid at a very young age which we can see around us.

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