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Living life with a history of cancer is unique for each person. Yet a common thread is true for most, that life is different after cancer.

Just as cancer treatment affects your physical health, it affects the way you feel, think, and do the things you like to do. Besides causing many emotions that may surprise you, the treatment may actually change the way your brain works. Just as you need to take care of your body after treatment, you need to take care of your emotions.

Sometimes this feeling kicks in almost as soon as treatment ends, but it might also hit you months or even years later. There are many reasons why your mood might plummet after treatment, but the basic summary is simple: you have been through a very tough experience, physically and emotionally, and it takes time to recover.

Winning the race against Cancer is no simple task. Life after Cancer is not just surviving, but celebrating every moment to cherish. It’s a win over a number of adversities. It’s a celebration of Life.

With advancements in treatment, survivors are living longer and better and begin experiencing life in a way they might not have felt earlier. A Survivor’s Story of racing cancer is always an inspiration for the fellow fighters.

World over, June 4th is being celebrated as the Day of Cancer Survivors. It brings an opportunity to celebrate their new life and to help other to cope up with their treatment for Cancer. Nothing would be a better inspiration for a cancer patient than a smiling face of a cancer survivor. Survivor’s day marks an opportunity to bring together all the survivors to share their story, hear new ones and to live stronger.

We at Muthoot Cancer Centre, have organised an event for our survivors to meet and share their story on 10th June 2017. It will not just a testimony of their survivorship; the day will be packed with all the fun and joy.

The meet will be arranged in the Cancer Centre premises. Eminent personalities who themselves are cancer survivors will narrate their story and life after cancer.

Come, join and share your celebration of life. It’s sweet again!

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