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Ear Buds: Useless Dangerous Habit

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Do you have the habit of cleaning the ear with an earbud or any similar objects? You must realise that it is a dangerous mistake. Yes, cleaning the ear is totally unwanted, and can be dangerous.


Ear wax is the oily secretion of the cerumen glands that are in the external compartment of the ear (ear has three compartments of the ear external ear, middle ear and inner ear); and this secretion performs three important functions which are protective for the ear.

1. It acts as a lubricant, preventing the ear canal skin from drying up.

2. It acts as a repellent and prevents insects from entering the ears and laying eggs. It also prevents foreign bodies getting into the ear.

3. It acts as a self-cleaning agent as this wax takes away all dirt and muck along with it as it flows out. Since the ear canal floor is slanting outward, the wax automatically gets drained.


In addition to this, wax also prevents fungal and other infections occurring in the ear When you use buds to clean the ear, following adverse effects can take place;

1. The protective wax gets wiped off and thereby resulting in drying up of canal wall skin which leads to continuous itching and irritation.

2. Sometimes the wax gets pushed inward resulting in accumulation of wax in the deeper parts of ear causing impairment of hearing and pain and blocked feeling in the ear.

3. Injury and rupture of tympanic membrane resulting in significant hearing impairment and subsequent recurrent infections.

4. Bud usage can also lead to recurrent boils (furunculosis) and external ear infections, which sometimes may become very painful.

 As the canal wall is sloping outward, the wax will get automatically drained out and no water can remain in the ear. Many routinely use earbuds after bath to dry the ear. This also is totally unwanted as no water can collect in the ear because of the slanting ear canal floor.


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