Neuroanesthesiologist & Neurointensivist

Well experienced in conducting awake craniotomies of patients coming for epilepsy surgery,

movement disorder for DBS, ECT, neuro-navigation, stereotactic-guided procedures.

Neurocritical care services for neurological and neurosurgical patients.

.Skilled in performing scalp blocks, airway blocks and other peripheral blocks

Well experienced in performing awake fiberoptic intubations, use of various airway gadgets for the management of difficult airway.


1.11 years of experience in the Anesthesia and Neuroanesthesia in the perioperative management of

different kind of neurosurgical patients posted for neurosurgical, Neuroradiological procedures.

2. Experience in handling various neurosurgical surgeries like supra and infra tentorial SOL, various

cerebral aneurysm, AVM’s, spine procedures including AAD, cervical, thoracic and lumbar

laminectomies and instrumentations.

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